15 Ways to Save Gas (and Money)

by Maddi Butler

One of the biggest expenses in owning a car is paying for gas. If you find yourself shelling out extra money for gas each month, it might be time to look at your driving habits. Safe and smarter driving habits could help you save gas and save money.

Here are some easy ways to start driving smarter:

  • Drive the speed limit

  • Accelerate slowly. Avoid jackrabbit starts. It will waste gas and can damage your car.

  • Don’t let your car warm up for long periods of time.

  • Drive during the cool parts of the day. Denser, cooler air can boost your car’s power and mileage.

  • Use air conditioning. Driving with the windows down creates drag that uses more gas.

  • When approaching a red light or stop sign, take your foot off the gas as early as possible.

  • Clean your air filter regularly. Dirty filters drive your fuel economy and exhaust emissions up.

  • Check your tire pressure. Having low tire pressure can damage your tires and reduce fuel economy.

Simple lifestyle changes can also ease the burden on your car. On average, driving 22 miles less each week saves you one gallon of gas. Here are some easy ways to cut down your mileage each week:

  • Carpool or take public transit

  • Combine errands. Save gas by parking in a central spot and walking from place to place.

  • Shop online and use online services for banking and bill pay.

  • Trade in for a fuel-efficient car.

  • Work from home, if possible.

  • Don’t store items in your trunk. A heavier car uses more fuel.

  • If you live in a walkable area, hike or bike to your destination.

Though these are small changes to your routine, you may be surprised at how quickly they add up and start saving you money!

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